Sensing Infrastructure
Cloud Intelligence
Information and revenue sharing

Imagine knowing real-time traffic conditions for virtually every road or highway in your city and having that information available on multiple platforms. Zero-Sum ITS offers such solutions to Indian Market that is both cost efficient and proven (Japan).

Over the past two decades, India has established itself as a leader in information technology. However, the subsequent economic boom has also resulted in an exponential increase in motorization, urban traffic congestion and deterioration of air quality in the Indian megacities. With a robust IT and telecom infrastructure in place, India stands to gain from the use of ITS to alleviate many transport related urban issues. While many think improving a country’s transportation system solely means building new roads or repairing aging infrastructures, the future of transportation lies not only in concrete and steel, but also increasingly in using ITS. Zero-Sum ITS Solutions is here to help.

Zero-Sum ITS ecosystem offers significant improvement in existing transportation systems performance. It does so by intelligently managing congestion and rewarding Indian commuters with better travel convenience and safety.

Zero-Sum ITS Solutions

Zero-Sum ITS offers a broad set of diverse technologies known collectively as Zero-Sum ITS Solutions. It comprises of a number of ISO 9001:2015 certified technologies.

Sensing Infrastructure

Cloud Intelligence

Sharing & Revenue

Our ITS solution or ITS 2.0 solutions as we call them, unlike legacy systems currently in use, incorporate various hybrid technologies in the methodologies used for gathering, transmitting and disseminating information. Our use of cloud based control center technology enables us to complete implementations with less turnaround time and avoid deployment of manned personnel, enabling more optimized resource allocation of city resources and manpower.

Zero-Sum ITS represents an emerging new infrastructure platform, offering a whole host of new products and services. By offering real time traffic intelligence, Zero-Sum ITS is poised to become a major tool in solving India’s transportation challenges and in the process transform India’s transportation system, enabling India’s goal of building world class smart cities.

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