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About Us

Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.  (an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company), a subsidiary of Zero-Sum Ltd. Japan was incorporated for the development and implementation of intelligent transport and traffic solutions that are customized for the Indian subcontinent. Our systems can be used by central and state government agencies, traffic police, transport authorities for the regulation and optimization of traffic flow in their cities.

The ITS sector is still nascent in India. Even though various technologies have been successfully implemented in developed nations, various challenges exist in replicating similar systems in India. Currently there is a lack of definite guidelines and regulations of nationwide ITS architecture and framework in India. ITS systems cannot just be modelled on existing successful ITS solutions of other nations due to basic inherent driving behavior and conditions in India. An ITS solution in India needs to be cost effective, easy to implement, have less human intervention due to unavailability of skilled personnel on the ground level of the traffic police and also should be adapted as per the local language of the populace. Most of the ITS solutions in the developed nations were setup at huge costs borne by city governments or local traffic Police. In India the high cost of ITS systems undermines its importance to local city governments.

Zero-Sum ITS solution addresses these concerns and has accordingly been customized both from a technological and business front to best suit Indian conditions. Zero-Sum ITS brings in innovative ITS technology from Japan through our strategic partnership with Japan’s oldest ITS provider, Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd. Our ITS solution or ITS 2.0 solutions as we call them, unlike legacy systems currently in use, incorporate various hybrid technologies in the methodologies used for gathering, transmitting and disseminating information. Our use of cloud based control center technology enables us to complete implementations with less turnaround time and avoid deployment of manned personnel, enabling more optimized resource allocation of city resources and manpower.

Our solutions are also available for deployment through various customized business models including outright purchases, PPP, revenue sharing, advertisement monetization or any other feasible monetization scheme. Zero-Sum aim’s at building world class traffic infrastructure in India, enabling India’s goal of building world class smart cities.

ITS Brochure

Zero-Sum office is located at

India Office Address

Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

No.254, 1st Floor, 6th Cross, Indiranagar 1st Stage,
Bengaluru 560038, India

Telephone: +91-80-4148-6275, Fax: +91-80-2526-0093
For contact: contact@zero-sum.co.in
Web: https://www.zero-sum-its.co.in

Japan Office Address

Zero-Sum Ltd.

YMC Karasuma-Gojo Building 7F, 284 Daigo-cho,
Shimogyoku, Kyoto, 600-8106, Japan

Telephone: +81-75-342-3881, Fax: +81-75-342-3834
For contact: zs-contact@zero-sum.co.jp
Web: http://www.zero-sum.co.jp