Zero-Sum Ltd. Japan
Headquartered in Kyoto Japan, Zero-Sum Ltd. specializes across various domains of mobile software development. Zero-Sum’s primary expertise lies in the creation and development of mobile applications, web applications for carriers, DB tools, hybrid car navigation systems and applications, entertainment applications and animation, mobile testing services and ITS applications development. Zero-Sum Ltd. has been the preferred development partner of key Navigation service providers and automotive OEM’s in Japan for over a decade.

Nagoya Electric Works Co. Ltd.
Established in 1958, and headquartered out of Ama, Aichi Japan, Nagoya Electric Works Co. Ltd. is Japan’s oldest ITS equipment and technology company. Nagoya is a pioneer in implementing various ITS solutions in Japan and is a leader in VMS technology. Nagoya’s key areas of business include ITS Information equipment, FA Inspection Equipment and In-Vehicle Information and Equipment.