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ITS Solutions Architecture


Sensing Infrastructure –

  • Traffic sensor (video camera recognition system)
  • Smartphone probe (Real-time location & speed data)
  • Taxi probe (Real-time location & speed data)


Cloud Intelligence

  • Cloud technology based traffic control center
  • Wireless connection to Server via Dual network wireless technologies (Low cost solution with backup)
  • GPS and mobile phone connectivity to server via proprietary applications


Information Sharing and Revenue Model

  • Traffic information board (facilitated by Japanese manufacturer)
    • Traffic information display
      • Display real time traffic information
      • Display Wide area traffic information
      • Predict traffic behavior (pre-emptive)
    • Advertising display area and distribution system
  • Mobile phone application for end user
  • Map based GUI – information sharing
  • Mobile control platform (E.g. Ipad utilization for handy control panel)
  • Traffic information transaction system
    • Manage congestion
    • Manage Accidents
    • Manage traffic flow