Riverfront ITS Project and 132 feet Ring Road ITS project of Zero-Sum included as Japanese ‘Smart City’ initiative for Ahmedabad.

Ambassador Hiramatsu (Japanese Ambassador to India), visited Ahmedabad on 23rd May’ 17 and met with Mr. Gautambhai Navalchand Shah, Mayor of Ahmedabad and also with Mr. Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Ambassador Hiramatsu stated that the Government of Japan will support the ‘Smart city’ projects in Ahmedabad and presented the various initiatives being undertaken by Japanese organizations in Gujarat. Similarly, The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation presented the various initiatives being undertaken by them under the ‘Smart City’ program in Ahmedabad. Under both presentations, the ITS project implementation already undertaken by Zero-Sum on 132 feet Ring Road and the current ITS project being implemented by Zero-Sum on the Riverfront road were mentioned and acknowledged for its usefulness to the citizens of Ahmedabad.

Please click here to see the presentation made by Ambassador Hiramatsu (Refer to Page 6)

Source Reference: http://www.in.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/00_000350.html

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