“Demonstration of an Emergency Vehicle Priority System using Japanese originated international standard V2X communication technology that has been undertaken in Ahmedabad city, INDIA”

January 18, 2019    ZERO-SUM,LTD. TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd. In December 2018, ZERO-SUM, LTD. and TOYOTA InfoTechnology Center Co., Ltd., with the support from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, JAPAN and in collaboration with Connected Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation and with approval from the Amdavad Municipal Corporation in INDIA, conducted a demonstration [...]

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Ahmedabad’s Ashram Road and Riverfront Road to turn into ‘Smart’ Roads through the launch of ‘Intelligent Transportation System’ (ITS) by Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

Variable Messaging Sign(VMS) Board Implemented by Zero-Sum ITS on Riverfront Road, Ahmedabad Ahmedabad, September 26, 2017: Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary of ZERO-SUM LTD, Japan, will be launching its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solution on Ashram Road, the business district of Ahmedabad and Riverfront Road, the flagship Riverside road of Ahmedabad. With [...]

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Riverfront ITS Project and 132 feet Ring Road ITS project of Zero-Sum included as Japanese ‘Smart City’ initiative for Ahmedabad.

Ambassador Hiramatsu (Japanese Ambassador to India), visited Ahmedabad on 23rd May’ 17 and met with Mr. Gautambhai Navalchand Shah, Mayor of Ahmedabad and also with Mr. Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat. Ambassador Hiramatsu stated that the Government of Japan will support the ‘Smart city’ projects in Ahmedabad and presented the various initiatives being undertaken [...]

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A Zero-Sum fix for traffic

Being in a city means making the most of urban living. Going where you want and getting there when you want is a part of it. In India it mostly doesn’t happen. Even short journeys can be thrown into turmoil by traffic jams, unruly drivers, demonstrations, VIPs on the move and a whole lot else.  [...]

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