Japanese co to help make Ahmedabad traffic ‘intelligent’

Traffic in Ahmedabad will get a new definition with Zero-Sum Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) traffic management firm teaming up with Nagoya Electric Works of Japan for implementing a pilot ITS project for a cost of USD one million. In October, the 132 feet wide road near Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is said to [...]

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Can intelligent transportation systems solve India’s traffic congestion problems?

Can technology help in clearing traffic congestion? In India, a first step for testing whether technology can help in clearing congestion is being tried out in the city of Ahmedabad by a company called Zero-Sum ITS.  Once implemented, this solution will be showcased as a mechanism of using technology to aid in decongesting traffic conditions [...]

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‘Intelligent’ traffic system to be set up in A’bad by Japanese firm

A traffic management firm called Zero-Sum ITS has formed a consortium with Nagoya Electric Works of Japan for implementing the pilot ITS in Ahmedabad. Once, the pilot is successful, Zero-Sum plans to replicate the solution (using cameras, intelligent vehicle planning and pollution management system etc) across the country within the next six to 12 months. [...]

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