V2X technology will be used for emergency services in Ahmedabad – GSTV News

Traffic problems in Ahmedabad city are increasing day by day. Emergency services are greatly affected by this traffic. To solve this problem, a successful experiment has been conducted by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Japan Company in the Ahmedabad Riverfront Road for the first time in the world. A red light signal will automatically route [...]

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Demonstration of an Emergency Vehicle Priority System (Automated Green Corridor System) using Japanese V2X communication technology

Ahmedabad, January 16, 2020: ZERO-SUM, LTD., with the support from the Ministry of Internal Affairsand Communications, JAPAN and in collaboration with Connected Solutions Company,Panasonic Corporation and with approval from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in INDIA, conducted a demonstration experiment showcasing an emergency vehicle priority system (Link to Press Release') Ahmedabad, January 19, 2020 : [...]

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